Hi, this is Longboat
Ansible's new best friend!

Longboat is built by DevOps for DevOps to increase your efficiency and make working with Ansible easier, faster, and most importantly safer! Our very first user might have phrased it best...
Longboat is to Ansible what Github is to Git!

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Designed to make Ansible safer and faster!

Ansible is an incredible tool. It has deservedly become the de facto standard of simple IT automation within cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, and intra-service orchestration. However, it has some shortcomings mainly in regards to automated execution, logging, and monitoring.

Longboat eliminates these shortcomings through 3 core features that makes working with Ansible faster and safer while streamlining your IT automation. We use these features ourselves every single day. Overall we have reduced our time-to-delivery by roughly 50% - all the while sleeping safe and sound at night knowing every single command is being logged and monitored. We're making Longboat available and forever free for the first 3 hosts. But more on that later - first, let's take a look at those features...

Features you say?



Seamlessly integrated, it logs all your Ansible Playbook runs and presents these clearly in our beautiful GUI on a play, user, and host basis. Notifications (currently in development) can be set up catering to your specific needs regarding end-of-life, changes, security vulnerabilities. etc.


Allows you to set up fully automated or on demand Jobs that run Ansible Playbooks. Admins can predefine Jobs that can be run by limited-access users, delegating work without risking integrity. Jobs are of course monitored by Logbook.
Jobs are currently in development.


Blueprints are Ansible Galaxy done right! It drastically reduces time-to-delivery and enables you to utilize your existing data in Longboat and our open source Ansible Roles to push changes onto hosts with complete transparency. Longboat provides a series of simple Blueprints to cater to most needs and you can of course build your own as well.


Our first Bonus feature is a DNS service, which integrates nicely and quite frankly makes it easier when setting up hosts. API and CLI tools are of course included. We have quite a few Bonus features jotted down on paper, but what comes next will be decided by the community.


Expecting a pricing table with standard, premium, and enterprise - not to mention the infamous "contact us for pricing"? We absolutely loathe those! Also, Longboat is completely...


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Let's Get Nerdy!

Want to take a peek inside Longboat and see exactly what it does? Check out our full documentation with description and walkthrough videos. But honestly, the best way to get started is to sign up and go through our onboarding. That will get you up and running in no time.

Longboat is built on a love for CLI, API, Automation, and perhaps most importantly... privacy! As Sysadmins, we take pride in the fact that Longboat doesn't require, nor needs, access to your infrastructure! It is one of the most important design features and a cornerstone of the system. Your team are the only ones who have access to your infrastructure.

Let's Get In Touch!

Got a question for us, some feedback, or perhaps an idea for a new feature? Don't hesitate to reach out to us. Join our slack or send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible (bear in mind we're located in Denmark).

Longboat - Ansible's new best friend

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